Beth Genter, founder of Schenley Capital, a full service Registered Investment Advisory firm, offers customized financial strategies that ensure every individual, business and Non-profit organization it serves, will feel satisfied, secure and optimistic about their future.

Genter’s career began as a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch in Pittsburgh. After a stint in their Manhattan offices, she returned to Pittsburgh in 1994 to direct family investments. Her responsibilities included managing holdings in equities, private equity, municipal bonds, oil & gas and real estate. She continued to hone her skills by studying retirement, estate and tax planning on weekends and earned an executive certificate in Financial Planning from Duquesne University.

The inspiration for Schenley came after Genter realized that most individuals were woefully uneducated about estate planning and the critical need for diversifying and managing risk within their portfolios. She also understood there was a real shortage of straightforward, impartial financial advice offered in the industry. In March of 1997, she launched the firm with ten clients.

Today, Schenley has grown its clientele tenfold and brings more than 25 years of experience and research acumen to counsel a diverse group of clients on choosing an investment plan that performs solely for their specific needs. The firm has guided millennials trying to find their futures, families in need of rainy day reserves and generations hoping to preserve and grow their wealth. The firm works with retirement plans,  non-profits and pension portfolios. We assist them in conserving principal so they are poised for growth.