European Large Cap

European Large Cap companies are European companies that are valued at 10 billion and above. To learn about how that valuation is calculated, visit our blog on large cap. The next question may be, what qualifies as a European company? Is it developed companies in the European region? Does that include Switzerland and the UK Read More

So what’s a SEP?

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) is a practical retirement plan which can be used by small businesses and sole proprietors.  The plans are easier to establish than qualified plans and have practically no filing requirements.  The SEP uses an IRA account as the vehicle for the contributions; the plans do not have complicated trust accounting Read More

Ten Tax Lowering Tips

Some will save you time & money when preparing your taxes returns. Other strategies will help you avoid costly penalties and interest on your Federal & State taxes.  These tips will help you lower your blood pressure while keeping more money in your pocket!   1.) Contribute to your Individual Retirement Accounts – IRA’s If Read More

IRA Contributions Can Benefit You at Tax Time

The 2017 tax season is almost here. Like everyone else, you want to take advantage and receive the highest amount of deductions possible, getting the best refund back! But, where to start? One great way to take advantage of tax season is contributing to your IRA account. You can make contributions throughout the year into Read More

Donate your RMD Tax-free to Charity

  For nearly a decade the rules allowing for a tax free Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA to a charity has been an on-again off-again part of the infamous Tax Extenders that would lapse and be reinstated every other year. The Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes (PATH) Act was passed in 2015, finally Read More