1 Asset Class for 10 years…

Each year in our Summer issue, we ask a group of the region’s leading financial experts to help our readers by responding to a question. This year, we’ve asked three. The first batch of the questions and answers follow. If you had to put all your money in one asset class today and couldn’t sell Read More

Recession and The FED

“We’ve asked the regions top wealth managers to respond to two questions.” 1. “If the current economic expansion lasts past July, it will be the longest in U.S. history. When do you expect the U.S. economy to enter into a recession?” 2. “After raising interest rates steadily for more than a year, the Federal Reserve Read More

schenley second quarter review 2017

As the second Quarter of 2017 has ended and companies are now releasing earnings, we have a quick review of how things shaped up for the quarter.   The biggest winners for the quarter: The FANG – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google and Apple – are the real leaders in the US markets These high Read More