Grandeur Peak (GISOX) 2021 Distribution

     Another mutual fund company that we wanted to take note of, is Grandeur Peak (GISOX) due to their extraordinary performance throughout the pandemic. We use Grandeur Peak in many clients’ portfolios in the International Small Company category. Considering all the volatility during COVID-19, this fund stands out above the rest as it consistently performed Read More

Ballie Gifford 2021 Distribution (BGEGX)

      A mutual fund company that we particularly wanted to touch on, that we use in a lot of clients’ portfolios, and has performed with extraordinary volatility this year and throughout the pandemic is Ballie Gifford (BGEGX).  Ballie Gifford’s distribution prediction for their annual distribution is here! The Distribution this year is predicted at $.38! Read More

Brown Capital Management, LLC (BCSSX) 2021 Distribution

     We have received many questions from our clients about the dividend this year at Brown Capital Management, LLC (BCSSX). If you are like the rest and are searching everywhere for information about your favorite mutual fund that you own, then you may stop investigating now. On Dec 13, Brown Capital gave a distribution Read More