Keep Calm (COVID-19) –

Coaching Our Clients Through a Crisis

On behalf of Schenley Capital we wanted to reach out to make sure you and your family are safe and productive as we search for answers in uncertain times as these.

We want to ensure you all that we are carefully reviewing all client portfolios and keepin a close eye on all accounts.

Today was an “up” day – the market was up +1,841 or 11%, the largest one day gain since 2008!! Congress is on the brink of passing a Corona Virus $500 B Stimilous package to assist distressed businesses – the “bailout with No strings attached”. This package is to help businesses from the economic damage of the work stoppage because of the Corona Virus. We are still using the disorderly market to make timely purchases of quality investments at low prices!

Schenley appreciates the support of all of our clients. Thank you for sticking by us during this unusual time.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns!

Written on March 24, 2020