Password security is a very important aspect of cyber security. Data breaches can occur when a password’s security level is low and the same password is used for multiple sites. By taking proactive measures towards password security, you are protecting yourself, your personal credentials, and your finances online!

     One great way to protect yourself online is to make sure you change your passwords for all your accounts including e-mails, your investments and bank accounts regularly. Many institutions require their employees change their passwords on a regular schedule of every six to eight weeks. This helps eliminate stale passwords and keeps company and personal data safe. In the instance that your password has become compromised and a data breach or hack has occurred, always change the passwords for not only that specific account right away, but all your other passwords as well. When you do change your passwords, make sure you use a different password combination for every site.

     Using separate passwords for each account you have online will make it harder for your other accounts to be hacked in the case that one of your passwords is compromised.  One simple way multiple accounts are compromised is when someone uses the same password for all their accounts. Once hackers obtain a password, they will enter that password and username combination for multiple sites, trying to gain access to as much as possible before they have been discovered. Choosing different passwords and log in usernames for each account adds a security layer for all your accounts, helping to prevent password theft.

When choosing a password, make sure it is lengthy, uses letters,

numbers, characters, and even using capital and lower-case letters

will make your password more secure.


One of the biggest mistakes in creating a secure password is using your name, address, a hobby, or a general commonly used password. Using a longer phrase or even a randomly generated combination of characters, numbers and letters will help keep your online accounts secure.



  The use of a password generator will help you to create a password that is secure. If you use a password authenticator app you will ensure your bank, credit card, and accounts are more secure. The authenticator generates numbers to type in after your secure password. These numbers will regenerate every 30 seconds and are tied only to your account, making it a very secure layer to add to your accounts. You can find some great password authenticators on the app store, on your Apple or Android phone.

     Schenley is very proactive concerning password security! We like to use best practices, such as changing passwords regularly. We use different password combinations, including characters, numbers and letters; in addition, we also use password authenticators to make sure our credentials and company files remain secure!

     Therefore, we advise you to create different passwords for each financial institution, make your passwords complicated and change your passwords regularly.



Written by: ||cassandra hartman, office manager||