schenley second quarter review 2017

As the second Quarter of 2017 has ended and companies are now releasing earnings, we have a quick review of how things shaped up for the quarter.


The biggest winners for the quarter:

The FANG – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google and Apple – are the real leaders in the US markets

These high profitability stocks outperformed among large and small stocks

US Large Cap:

US large Companies have returned 3.02% for the 2nd Quarter and 10.34% YTD

Emerging Markets:

Emerging Markets is the growth story for 2017 – returning 6.27% in the 2nd and 25.69% Year to Date (YTD)

Large Cap International:

Large International markets have returned 5.63% in the 2nd  Quarter and 17.83% YTD

Real Estate:

The global real estate markets returned 1.67% in the 2nd Quarter and 3.82% YTD

Fixed Income-Bonds:

The fixed income markets were buoyed up by the global bonds- the longer bonds performed better than the shorter bonds

So what were the strongest and the weakest sectors for the second quarter?

Globally the strongest sectors were healthcare and financials, while the weakest were energy and telecom


As the market rises we are optimistically cautious, we are taking some profits off the table and reallocating to sectors that will potentially perform well. 



Below you can find some great graphics and charts showing a few top highlights for the 2nd Quarter of 2017