Ballie Gifford 2021 Distribution (BGEGX)

      A mutual fund company that we particularly wanted to touch on, that we use in a lot of clients’ portfolios, and has performed with extraordinary volatility this year and throughout the pandemic is Ballie Gifford (BGEGX).  Ballie Gifford’s distribution prediction for their annual distribution is here!

The Distribution this year is predicted at $.38!

This means, each share you own of BGEGX will accrue .38x (times) that amount.  Since the share is only $25.02 right now, a $.38 distribution could be significant for you!  Once you receive the distribution, you will automatically own more shares, at a lower cost!

     As we all know, the Emerging Markets category has been getting crushed throughout the pandemic.  The benchmark is still down -4.46% year-to-date, due to the volatile market overseas.  The world’s most vulnerable countries are the ones that are just developing because they lack the capacity, technology, and/or resources to expend the struggle.  After the very steep drop, the Emerging markets category is finally beginning to come back to normal.

     Considering the circumstances, Ballie Gifford (BGEGX) has done an extraordinary job of maintaining during the bearish drops and continuing to improve as the rest of the world dispatches the COVID 19 virus.  Ballie Gifford consists of Non-U.S. Equity; mostly large companies like Samsung and Nestle, but also some small companies, such as Tencent Holdings (which is one of our favorite gaming stocks).  Headquartered in Scotland, Ballie Gifford (BGEGX) has a very sensible philosophy to merit a high process pillar rating.  The fund has consistently maintained an overweight of liquidity exposure and volatility exposure compared with category peers.  The high liquidity exposure is attributed to high trading volu{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”eb0b28a6-ba4e-41e5-8f0f-c26a3d11bdfe”,”name”:”core/image”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“alt”:””},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}me during volatile times, choosing the 76 stocks timing very wisely.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Schenley Capital, Inc. if you have any questions or concerns about Ballie Gifford (BGEGX), year-end taxes, or anything else that comes up financially.


Written by Derek Green, Investment Advisor