Ballie Gifford 2021 Distribution (BGEGX)

      A mutual fund company that we particularly wanted to touch on, that we use in a lot of clients’ portfolios, and has performed with extraordinary volatility this year and throughout the pandemic is Ballie Gifford (BGEGX).  Ballie Gifford’s distribution prediction for their annual distribution is here! The Distribution this year is predicted at $.38! Read More

Brown Capital Management, LLC (BCSSX) 2021 Distribution

     We have received many questions from our clients about the dividend this year at Brown Capital Management, LLC (BCSSX). If you are like the rest and are searching everywhere for information about your favorite mutual fund that you own, then you may stop investigating now. On Dec 13, Brown Capital gave a distribution Read More

Hate Paying Taxes?…Year-End Tax Always Matters.

It is different this year…  Start a Donor Advised Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation or Community Foundation –     In 2021 you can donate Cash to your donor advised funds or a gift of cash to any NON-Profit organization  and you will be able to deduct up to 100% of your income.  Usually it is up to 60% of your income!!    Do you have low-cost stock in Read More

What’s going on with the J&J company Split??

     Recently, Johnson & Johnson has released that they will be splitting into two publicly traded companies. The pharmaceutical segment will hold onto the name J&J, while the consumer product segment has yet to be named. This split will allow J&J to focus on their more profitable segments, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The pharmaceuticals Read More

IPO’s vs. DPO’s

     An IPO (Initial Public Offering) and a DPO (Direct Public Offering) are both when a company directly offers its stock to the public by listing it on an exchange, like the NASDAQ. What is the difference?      During an IPO, a company will issue new shares, which are backed by big banks and institutions. Read More

Ins and Outs of Cryptocurrency

*Disclaimer: We do not recommend any cryptocurrencies; we do not hold cryptocurrencies at Charles Schwab and Co. institutional through Schenley Capital, Inc.; this is an extremely volatile asset class; at this time there is little to no backing; cryptocurrencies are not for everyone. Let us know if you have additional questions about cryptocurrency.     Read More

Buying a 2nd Home:  What You Need to Know

     People buy a 2nd home for several reasons.  As we head into summer, it sounds fantastic to have a lake house in Maine, a condo in Aspen, or a beach house in North Carolina.  You may be thinking of a 2nd home as an investment property until you are ready to retire, or Read More

Check it out! We were in Table Magazine!!

Where does your firm see investing opportunities in the next 18 months? The healthcare sector is of discernible interest as it relates to the pandemic. We are focused on financial technology companies, such as money movement, online investing, and payment processing which are integral today. We are devoted to companies that develop cloud-based platforms, which facilitate Read More